What our Clients Say

“Dr. Tina Decker is a clinically trained, highly experienced business leader who provides insights that are simply not available from other sources. Her assessment–based coaching for each of our business leaders has improved their individual performance and the effectiveness of our leadership team. She also provides assessments of finalists for certain management positions that help us hire the right, best person for those important jobs. In short, Tina is an invaluable asset to our organization and our entire leadership team.”
Ed Choate, CEO - Delta Dental of Arkansas
“I worked with Jason on a Leadership program, which was something I was very hesitant about at first, but found to be a great experience. He used tools like the Hogan and Clifton StrengthAssessments, which were a great starting tool. However, his assistance in breaking them down and provided practical feedback was very beneficial to me in my daily interactions at work. He not only gave me additional confidence in my natural strengths, but he showed me ways to use them to offset my weaknesses, which was very enlightening to me. Coaching sessions with Jason left me feeling more confident about my leadership abilities and energized to approach things with a new perspective.”
Susan Verseman
“Jason has been my executive coach for nearly two years. I selected him specifically because he possessed leadership characteristics I generally shied away from. Through our work together, I have learned how to build greater affinity and trust with people who I may have had unconscious bias towards. I have become more mindful of my strengths and how to effectively use them to lead my team and operations. His coaching style is both supportive and inspiring. He challenges me to think boldly which has resulted in strategic actions I did not previously consider. At a time when we are all challenged with the pandemic and social and political strife, Jason’s guidance and coaching has helped me successfully navigate these choppy waters and our operational performance has never been better! I truly appreciate his thought-partnership and coaching and would highly recommend him to any executive who desires to become a breakthrough leader.”
Randy Quebec

“Jason is a phenomenal coach and has made a profound impact on my life. Jason challenges me to continue to think differently and gives me tools to broaden my skills. The time that I have spent with Jason, has been more impactful to my career than any professional education program that I have been in. I’m eternally grateful for the mark that he has left in my life.”


“Jason and I worked together for several months. We used the Gallup full 34 strengths and Myers Briggs to assess what we had to work with in my personal/professional development. I was completely shocked by how Jason was able to apply that to me as an individual and give me an improvement plan of how to become a better me. He connected with me well and understands me. I truly felt like he developed a plan that custom fit me and my strengths. He gave me insightful development opportunities and would regularly check in on my progress. He is a great coach to me and I believe he is personally invested in my development. I’m very blessed to have him in my life. I’m a better me because of the guidance he gives me.”

Jeremy Oesch
“Jason Patomson’s ability to both support and challenge my thinking has led me to become a more confident and effective leader. By encouraging me to set SMART goals and identify what I needed to do to achieve them, Jason helped me to significantly improve my communication skills, build better business relationships, and maintain a healthy work life balance. He also coached me to adopt a collaborative leadership style which gives my direct reports a sense of ownership and empowerment. As a consequence I am able to put more emphasis on big picture issues and strategic thinking to support our company’s objectives. With Jason’s guidance, I not only identified my strengths but also areas in need of improvement. What I appreciate most about this phenomenal coach is that he listens without judgement, this helped me navigate some very difficult times this past year. I can truly say that working with Jason Patomson has had a very positive impact on both my career and personal life.”
Victoria Martin

“For over a decade, Dr. Decker has been a go-to partner in various organizations and industries when business results were critical. Tina balances deep care and belief in an individuals’ greatness with a no-nonsense candor of motivation. She excels at building leaders and teams who are maximizing their potential. Her real-life experience and coaching skills have been key contributors to my growth and my team’s cohesion by her own demonstration of trust, curiosity, and personalization, but even more importantly, by teaching you how to extend the same in your own organization and life.”

LeAnne Andersen
“In the more than five years our senior leadership team has worked with Dr. Decker, she has become a highly trusted advisor and coach. She is an invaluable resource to us. We have learned about our personal strengths and how they significantly impact our day-to-day business relationships and interactions with our colleagues. Our work with Dr. Decker allows our team to have transparent, meaningful communications leading to improved decision making in our organization. The knowledge and skills developed through this work spills down to others in the company who are also benefitting greatly. I appreciate Dr. Decker’s thoughtful, honest observations of me as a leader and sharing specific ways for me to grow and improve. I highly recommend Dr. Decker as a coach.”
Jim Couch

“Our organization has worked with Dr. Tina Decker for 5 years and her work has been transformational for our leadership team! From pre-employment assessments, high potential programs, mission, vision and competency work, board consultation and executive team coaching, her consultative approach has impacted the leadership development of the talent in our organization exponentially. Our leaders have made comments that her programs are “life-changing” related to how they think about themselves and their careers.”

Kelly Carney

“I’ve had the pleasure of working Dr. Tina Decker for around 2 years. Tina has supported me in my desires for professional growth and strengths-based outcomes both individually, and with the leadership team in our HR operations and delivery function. Our team supports over 220,000 KP
employees nationwide. Tina’s coaching methods blend a strong objective style that includes helpful tools that increase self-awareness and respect of strengths and styles–but she also balances the importance of a professional and personal connection built through formal and informal meetings and settings where trust and broader insights have been built. Tina has facilitated meetings with our leadership team, assisted in designing a fit-for-purpose workshop for all of our people managers, and coached our team on designing more effective meetings. I’m very grateful for Tina’s effectiveness with my own growth, and other leaders on our team. Thank you, Tina!

Scott Floyd

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