At IndigoStone, we understand every business is different. We have a proven, results-oriented approach that takes your business to the next level of performance. We discover what drives your success and what challenges your team. We identify where your business can most benefit from coaching and/or consulting and build a tailored approach.

We Maximize Human Potential

We are a boutique consulting firm, distinguished by the quality of our consultants and the success of our clients. We partner with clients from the private, public and non-profit sectors to address their most significant challenges and transform their organizations.

Our customized approach combines insight into the dynamics of high performance and behaviors impacted by neuroscience. We enable increased levels of performance that are sustainable across time.

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Our Experienced Team

Maximize Human Potential.
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Our approach to transformative business results has an emphasis on maximizing human potential to generate sustainable success. Business results transformation is an emergent, iterative process designed to elicit powerful conversations. These conversations inspire new thinking, perceptions and behaviors to create directional clarity and add velocity to changes that result in improved business performance. This work often starts with the senior team.

Jason R. Patomson, JD/MBA, Founder

Jason R. Patomson, JD/MBA


Jason is an innovative, trusted advisor leveraging extensive legal expertise with business acumen and a deep understanding of the human experience. He brings a rich history of coaching companies to build sustainable businesses, build leadership processes and cultivate executive talent.

Jason communicates in a direct manner and confronts problems head-on. He partners with clients to break through preconceived limits and unlock hidden potential. He provides clients with the capability to leverage their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

His approach is shaped by over fifteen years of legal experience and over ten years of consulting family businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Highlights include:

  • Designed and implemented culture change strategies for a billion-dollar healthcare organization, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention.

  • Coaching engagements with individuals from C-level to middle management

  • Created and facilitated multi-year leadership development programs to increase the talent level of multiple leadership pipelines.

  • Executive Assessments for senior-level hiring decisions

Jason is a Certified Executive Coach and is accredited in various psychometric assessments. His leadership vision blends the best of his experience in the military, retail, union, and corporate environments. Jason graduated Cum Laude with a Juris Doctorate and a Master Of Business Administration from Texas Tech University.

Tina Decker, PsyD, Founder

Tina Decker, PsyD


Dr. Decker has extensive experience in business transformation. Her unique perspective and approach reflect her educational background in Clinical Neuropsychology, her experience as a senior executive in a Fortune 50 company for over a decade, and her belief in the unlimited potential of both individuals and organizations. She combines insight into the dynamics of high performance and human behavior neuroscience with a pragmatic approach of collaboration and coaching at all levels within client organization to create velocity and superior outcomes.

  • Multiple coaching engagements with individuals that result in better business performance, preparation for C-level positions and improved ability to engage a team for outstanding outcomes.
  • Consulted with the founder and executive team of a Fortune 50 company through the succession planning and transition from the founder to the first non-founder CEO.
  • Coached several organizations to redefine and articulate their mission, vision, and values.
  • Coached executive and management teams in numerous companies to establish and leverage a Coaching Culture.
  • Coached multiple C-level executives to broaden their leadership approach and engage and empower teams, creating more productivity.
  • Worked with individuals striving for personal balance and growth.

Tina has a BS from the University of Texas in Dallas in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology. She earned both her Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Florida Institute of Technology with a specialty in Clinical Neuropsychology. She is a certified executive coach and accredited in various psychometric assessments.

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When you partner with IndigoStone, you benefit from our expertise as well as the know-how and resources of the finest personality and leadership development institutions.